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US Airship Pilot Sterling Wing 1921 Pasqulae Design

The Chief Mechanic maintains proper records of all maintenance logs for the airship as required by company policy and FAA regulations.

Goodyear Blimp - MotoMan Learns How to Pilot the Goodyear Blimp - Part One

The Goodyear Blimps travel thousands of miles every year. Following them on the ground is a fleet of support vehicles that include a bus, a tractor-trailer unit and two vans.

Record-Setting Pilot to Christen Goodyear’s Newest Airship

For the new Goodyear blimp, there is a Mack-built mast truck for mooring the airship. This equipment includes gasoline and diesel engines, air conditioning units, mast stake-driving power tools, power haulers for moving heavy parts and pieces, and auxiliary power units.

A utility vehicle fully equipped with two-way communications, it is used for crew transportation to and from overnight accommodations while on travel assignments and as a shuttle to take passengers from the airport buildings to the Blimp for the ride of a lifetime. Primarily used for ground crew transportation and two-way communication with the Blimp during travel operations.

How to Fly a Zeppelin Airship

The bus contains a complete office where record-keeping and other administrative duties are conducted. The wheeler's trailer not only contains a powerful generator to provide electricity in remote locations, but also houses maintenance shops where electronic technicians and mechanics maintain the Blimp's systems in top condition when traveling across the country. It stores spare parts and all the necessary equipment for remote setup and operation. The Chief Electronic Technician CET supervises a department of electronic technicians who work with communications and navigation equipment, radar, power generation, electrical systems and all wiring systems in the airship.

Rackam, Airship Pilot | Shadowverse GamePress

Among these duties are to install, repair and maintain the high definition microwave television equipment used in the airship and on the ground during network telecasts. In addition, the CET supervises or performs maintenance to the electronic sign system, which incorporates message programming and LED board maintenance, as well as maintaining the wiring and electrical systems for the ground support equipment. The on-air camera work is done by technicians within the Goodyear Blimp operation. To satisfy the high standards of network television, a superior level of technical and creative talent must be cultivated and maintained.

Record-Setting Pilot to Christen Goodyear’s Newest Airship

The Chief Electronic Technician is responsible for the training and scheduling of each airship camera operator. The Public Relations PR Specialist is the communications representative and planning agent for the Blimp at his or her designated hangar.

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With a primary focus on generating public relations opportunities at the local and national level, the PR Specialist helps to tactically deploy the airship to televised events, customer-related initiatives and community-based events. The Airship Public Relations Specialist works to capitalize on media opportunities and partnerships that will lead to positive press for the Blimp and Goodyear.

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