Cicely and Other Stories

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Skip to content. PG: She threw you out of the house?

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CT: Oh, yeah. My mother did not speak to me for two years. Refused to see me, refused to speak to me. And she did. And when it was all over, my mother was standing at the exit, accepting congratulations. Can you imagine?

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  8. KW: Wow, what a great story. PG: And 50 years later, you and your parents go through the same dynamic? KW: By the way, they had the same kind of turnaround, too. I was at a dinner last night, and my parents were sitting in the corner, warmly accepting congratulatory remarks.

    Cicely & Other Stories

    But at the time, my mother, who is a retired professor of education, and my father, who is a businessman, wanted me to go into a career that had some security. They did not want me to be a starving artist. They were devastated by the idea that I might not be able to take care of myself and earn a living. PG: Plus, you went to Spence. You probably could have done anything. KW: I was a child of an educator, and I was really encouraged to pursue my academics.

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    PG: Two hundred thousand tweets per episode. But do you know something? KW: I think people engage with media now in a multitasking way. I went to see Geraldine Page in the movie [in ]. CT: Wait a minute. PG: So it took 10 seconds to make the decision. CT: And only 26 years from the moment I saw that movie. PG: And no retirement after the play closes, correct?

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    KW: I need you not to retire until I get to work with you. That can be our scoop. KW: Look out for a white Burberry trench at a very dramatic moment. PG: Kerry, your people are about to remove you forcibly from this table. CT: Bless you, my angel.

    Cicely and Other Stories () by Annie Fellows Johnston, Sears Gallagher -

    And pace yourself. Log In. KW: Lucky you! CT: Not one. PG: And the pants?

    Cicely and Other Stories

    CT: Mine, too. Aunt Lizas Hero The Legend of the Bleeding Heart. Songs Ysame Poems, with Albion Fellow 1. Prf82 Electrotyped and Printed by C. The author wishes to acknowl-edge the courtesy of the editors in permitting her torepubHsh them in the present volume.

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    Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability - coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work. Image from page 7 of "Cicely, and other stories" Identifier : cicelyotherstori00john Title : Cicely, and other stories Year : s Authors : Johnston, Annie F.

    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories
    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories
    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories
    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories
    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories
    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories
    Cicely and Other Stories Cicely and Other Stories

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