DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance

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In The Physician of His Honour , the husband's rival is a man who returns after a lengthy absence to find that his beloved has married. The rival sets his sights on the wife despite her resistance, his pursuit arousing the husband's suspicions. Once the husband's honour has been compromised by the pursuit, he becomes convinced that the dishonour can only be effaced with the deaths of the "guilty" parties--that is, his wife and her suitor.

Because his rival happens to be a member of the royal family--Prince Enrique, bastard half-brother of King Pedro--the offended husband exempts the pursuer from revenge and "cures" his honour by turning solely on the wife. The astonishing finale of this play--the last 80 lines in the wake of the discovery to the King of the wife's corpse--has helped to bring this work and its author both fame and infamy in the centuries since the comedia 's composition.

Electa Arenal and Amanda Powell. One of the landmarks of Renaissance literature and a document in the history of intellectual freedom, The Answer is her culminating response to years of attempts by church officials to silence her, and a personal and political defense written against the backdrop of the Inquisition.

This bilingual critical edition includes a chronology, an introduction, an interpretive reading, annotations to the text, selected poems, and a selected bibliography with a list of previous English translations of the writer's work. Marco Antonio de la Parra.


Charles Philip Thomas. Tito Livio Trivino is a disillusioned and cynical advertising agent in Santiago who suddenly finds himself swept up in a whirlwind of strange and terrifying events. He discovers that his father was a double agent for both God and the Devil; that he is carrying the key to the fourth and final letter of the Tetragrammaton, which will determine the future of Chile , and ultimately the whole of humankind; and that all at once it seems as if everybody is trying to kill him.

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This novel is a modern classic of magical realism. When it was published in Chile in , de la Parra was variously harassed, censored, and sometimes banned under the Pinochet regime. Teresa de la Parra. Harriet de Onis with revision by Frederick H. University of Pittsburgh Press.

This is the story of an old lady called Mama Blanca by her neighbors, who recounts her life with great satisfaction and pride. The story develops on a sugar plantation in Venezuela. The main characters are six girls who confuse reality with fantasy and who enjoy the trouble they get into every day. This book is a critical edition that includes different criticisms of each chapter by different people.

Bertie Acker. Foreword by Naomi Lindstrom. Iphigenia was first published in in Venezuela , where it hit patriarchical society like a bomb thrown by a revolutionary. Teresa de la Parra was accused of undermining the morals of young women with this tale of a passionate, frankly sexual woman who lacks the money to establish herself in the liberated bohemian society she craves.

Like the Euripides play from which it takes its title, Iphigenia paints a world that makes women its sacrificial victims. As relevant today as when it was first published, it raises important questions about patriarchy and about the intersection of economics with women's lives.

Erri De Luca. Sea of Memory [Tu, Mio]. Beth Archer Brombert. Ecco Press. During a summer holiday on an island off Naples in the s, a sixteen-year-old boy, feeling guilty about Italy's recent wartime past, is chagrined to find his family reluctant to answer his questions. Go read books, they tell him; it's all there, but leave us alone. A local fisherman who befriends him is drawn into laconic replies that fill the gaps in the boy's awareness of both Italian and German responsibility.

In this short, unsentimental novel, Erri De Luca evokes the sensibility of adolescence, the discovery of love, and questions of guilt and survival. Xavier de Maistre.

Stephen Sartarelli. New Directions Books. The first modern translation of Xavier de Maistre in English is a discursive, mischievious fictive dialog. Along the way, he told wonderful stories and made many philosophical ruminations. Guy de Maupassant.

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Marlo Johnston. Peter Owen Ltd. This new collection of stories reveals Maupassant's eye for comic detail and his sense of irony. Sophia de Mello Breyner.

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Richard Zenith. ISBN Greece , as much as Portugal , informs the geography, mythology, and vehement light of Breyner's work. It also informs her sense of the achieved lyric. Kendall Lappin. Asylum Arts. Translator Lappin published the anthology Gallic Echoes in Selected Writings. Richard Sieburth.

This selection of writings provides an overview of Nerval's work as a poet, belletrist, short-story writer, and autobiographer.

The Mysteries of Udolpho a Romance.

Carcanet Press. Alves comes home early to celebrate his wedding anniversary. There, on the yellow sofa, he surprises Lulu in the arms of his young business partner. Complications follow fast and furious in this farce. Gradually, in Alves, doubt softens certainty, the memory of affection erodes indignant self-pity, a longing for comfort undermines the requirement of honor.

Happiness triumphs. Yet if the destination is seldom in doubt, the twists and turns getting there are funny, touching, and true to life. Marquis de Sade. Crimes of Love [Les Crimes de l'Amour]. Margaret Crosland. In Crimes of Love Sade contends that love can often lead to crime, and thence to punishment. Sade was fascinated by incest but claimed that he did "not want to make vice liked. The Little Prince [Le Petit prince]. Richard Howard. San Diego. With more than translations worldwide, The Little Prince is rated just below the Bible as one of the most widely read books in the world.

Hostages in the Barrio [La estranquera de Vallecas]. Phyllis Zatlin. Hostages in the Barrio works on a number of levels. Immediately the place is surrounded by outraged neighbors, police, rescue teams, and politicians.

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There is little hope for the criminals, and much to lose for the victims. Avriel H. Northern Illinois University Press. Delphine 's 18th-century conventional form as an epistolary novel masks its unconventional questioning of accepted values and norms.

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Burton Raffel. Yale University Press. This poem was the first to introduce Lancelot as an important figure in the King Arthur legend. Lancelot tells of the adulterous relationship between the knight and his mistress, Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur.

DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance
DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance DeSade II: A Brown Recluse Romance

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