Eternal Soul Mates

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People do not understand the power and preeminence of Real, Divine Love. How about multiple Soul Mates?

Eternal Soul Mates

What about when you are sure someone is your Soul Mate but then another person comes along and you are even more sure this one is your Soul Mate? You were mistaken before, but now you are sure.

You know this one is really your soul mate. How do you know? When you ask them about it, they feel it too. When a belief is convenient, self-validating, and justifies doing whatever you already want to do, it is wise to take a peek behind the curtain. Is the Great and Powerful Oz really Great and Powerful, or is he a petty carnival operator making money out of generating mass delusion?

Asking such a question smacks of cynicism and disrespect. What harm is the candy?

Spirituality, Dreams and Prophecy: The Truth of Eternal Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Why not just let lovers in love be? Why spoil the fun? Why not just let people find out on their own? What if a baby has a cigarette instead of candy? How else does one explain how effectively it has taken root in the popular imagination? How else does one explain why it has remained viable in some segments of culture for decades?

The problem with viewing Soul Mates as an understandable and harmless belief is that it allows you to stand by while lives are wrecked and children are raised in unnecessary adversity.

Different Types of Soul Mates

What are the consequences for your daughter? What are the consequences for your grandchildren? Are those consequences all in Divine Order?

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Do you want to spend years of your life worrying about the welfare of your own grandchildren, who are being raised in circumstances that are abusive, but that you can do little to change? The Drama Triangle is a psychological game played between people, as well as in your thoughts and in your dreams. It consists of three roles, Persecutor, Victim, and Rescuer. When you play one role you eventually end up playing the other two.


Soul Mates are Rescuers in the Drama Triangle. Gurus are a special variety of Soul Mate. Both lovers and Gurus come into your life to rescue you from loneliness, boredom, and insecurity, to show you the way to happiness, bliss and enlightenment. The problem is that you have fallen in love with your own idealization that you want and think you need. You want and need them to be your rescuer. But rescuers have a nasty habit of turning into persecutors. How come? Sign In Don't have an account?

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Soulmates and Twin Flames

Barlow, Scott. Blehert, Robert. Bogle, Lee. Bourque, Patricia. Boutin, Jeff. Brown, Keith.

Burbach, Cherie. Catanzaro, Mitch. Chandler, Larry. Clair, Gregory. Daniels, Kimberly. Didier, Les. Dingler, Fred.

Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates Eternal Soul Mates
Eternal Soul Mates

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