Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story)

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And it seems that every place on earth has some version of a 19th-century ghost story. What follows are some examples of spooky, scary, or weird events from the s which became legendary. There's a malicious spirit that terrorized a Tennessee family, a newly elected president who got a great fright, a headless railroader, and a First Lady obsessed with ghosts. One of the most notorious haunting stories in history is that of the Bell Witch , a malicious spirit which first appeared on the farm of the Bell family in northern Tennesse in The spirit was persistent and nasty, so much so that it was credited with actually killing the patriarch of the Bell family.

The weird events began in when a farmer, John Bell, saw a strange creature hunched down in a cornrow. Bell assumed he was looking at some unknown type of large dog. The beast stared at Bell, who fired a gun at it. The animal ran off. A few days later another family member spotted a bird on a fence post. He wanted to shoot at what he thought was a turkey, and was startled when the bird took off, flying over him and revealing that it was an extraordinarily large animal.

Other sightings of weird animals continued, with the strange black dog often showing up. And then peculiar noises began in the Bell house late at night. When lamps were lit the noises would stop. John Bell began to be afflicted with odd symptoms, such as the occasional swelling of his tongue which made it impossible for him to eat.

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He finally told a friend about the strange events on his farm, and his friend and his wife came to investigate. As the visitors slept at the Bell farm the spirit came into their room and pulled the covers from their bed. According to legend, the haunting spirit continued making noises at night and finally began to speak to the family in a strange voice.

The spirit, which was given the name Kate, would argue with family members, though it was said to be friendly to some of them. A book published about the Bell Witch in the late s claimed that some locals believed the spirit was benevolent and was sent to help the family. But the spirit began to show a violent and malicious side. According to some versions of the story, the Bell Witch would stick pins in family members and throw them violently to the ground.

And John Bell was attacked and beaten one day by an invisible foe. The fame of the spirit grew in Tennessee, and supposedly Andrew Jackson , who was not yet president but was revered as a fearless war hero, heard of the weird events and came to put an end to it.

The Bell Witch greeted his arrival with a great commotion, throwing dishes at Jackson and not letting anyone at the farm sleep that night. Jackson supposedly said he'd "rather fight the British again" than face the Bell Witch and departed the farm quickly the next morning. In , just three years after the spirit arrived at the Bell farm, John Bell was found quite ill, next to a vial of some strange liquid. He soon died, apparently poisoned.

His family members gave some of the liquid to a cat, which also died.

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His family believed the spirit had forced Bell to drink the poison. The Bell Witch apparently left the farm after John Bell's death, though some people report strange happenings in the vicinity to this day. Maggie and Kate Fox, two young sisters in a village in western New York State, began to hear noises supposedly caused by spirit visitors in the spring of Within a few years the girls were nationally known and "spiritualism" was sweeping the nation.

The incidents in Hydesville, New York, began when the family of John Fox, a blacksmith, started to hear weird noises in the old house they had bought.

The bizarre rapping in the walls seemed to focus on the bedrooms of young Maggie and Kate. The girls challenged the "spirit" to communicate with them. According to Maggie and Kate, the spirit was that of a traveling peddler who had been murdered on the premises years earlier. The dead peddler kept communicating with the girls, and before long other spirits joined in.

The story about the Fox sister and their connection to the spirit world spread into the community. The sisters appeared in a theater in Rochester, New York, and charged admission for a demonstration of their communications with spirits.

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These events became known as the "Rochester rappings" or "Rochester knockings. America in the late s seemed ready to believe the story about spirits noisily communicating with two young sisters, and the Fox girls became a national sensation. A newspaper article in claimed that people in Ohio, Connecticut, and other places were also hearing the rappings of spirits.

And "mediums" who claimed to speak to the dead were popping up in cities across America. An editorial in the June 29, issue of Scientific American magazine scoffed at the arrival of the Fox sisters in New York City, referring to the girls as the "Spiritual Knockers from Rochester. Despite the skeptics, famed newspaper editor Horace Greeley became fascinated with spiritualism, and one of the Fox sisters even lived with Greeley and his family for a time in New York City.

Ghosts in the Ancient World

In , four decades after the Rochester knockings, the Fox sisters appeared onstage in New York City to say it had all been a hoax. It had started as girlish mischief, an attempt to frighten their mother and things kept escalating. The rappings, they explained, had actually been noises caused by cracking the joints in their toes.

However, spiritualist followers claimed that the admission of fraud was itself a ruse inspired by the sisters needing money.

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The sisters, who did experience poverty, both died in the early s. The spiritualist movement inspired by the Fox sisters outlived them. And in , children playing at the supposedly haunted house where the family had lived in discovered a crumbling wall in a basement.

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Behind it was the skeleton of a man. Those who believe in the spiritual powers of the Fox sisters contend the skeleton was surely that of the murdered peddler who first communicated with the young girls in the spring of A spooky double vision of himself in a mirror startled and scared Abraham Lincoln immediately after his triumphant election in On election night Abraham Lincoln returned home after receiving good news over the telegraph and celebrating with friends. Exhausted, he collapsed on a sofa.

When he awoke in the morning he had a strange vision which would later prey on his mind. On the other hand, Carlisan is a medieval world while Marugon is the last of Warlocks and they together go through a horrific path of carnage. A strategic blend of greed for power, astonishing conspiracies, despicable politicians, army with high tech mercenaries and to make the matters more intriguing dangerous villains all into astonishing dark territory make the action based thriller one of a kind.

There are intense moments in the story as Wycliffe successfully becomes a powerful and influential Senator who now looks forward to becoming a president. The novel is a well articulated contemporary fantasy featuring Marugon who moves from his own world to Earth to make a dark bargain with a directionless graduate, Thomas Wycliffe. Moeller has an intriguingly delicious way of making the modern Earth and the fantastic medieval worlds overlap. The classic introduction of characters is simply incredible. The manner in which a fantasy world overcomes the sinister plots of an evil council warlock is inspiring.

Intense suspense as the dangerous villain Marugon escapes justice will leave you at the end of your seat. The story is about Caina Amalas an eight year old child who is mercilessly tortured by her devious mother. Caina is just a young child who is growing up hated for no just reason from the very person who should have loved her unconditionally.

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However, she finds comfort in the loving arms of her father Count Sebastien as well as in the world of books. But misery seems to follow Caina as certain events occur forcing her to face the wrath of her mother just for a showdown. Caina is overpowered as her darkest nightmares come true in the form of Maglarion. Maglarion is a necromancer who finds pleasure operation on either dead or alive human bodies. Sorcerers, slavers among other unwanted people have devastated the society. Caina is inducted in the ghost training where she is expected to take a one year course to become part of a discreet organization made up of only a chosen quality of people.

The ghosts have to have absolute resolve and work in clandestine conditions. This fast paced story immediately immerses a reader into the plot and sets them up for an excoriating ride of a story. The pace at which stories unravel allows the reader to be more familiar with the current events. The main character, Caina, is depicted as a child of aptitude determined to overcome the fears in her life in the face of horrific events and relentless enemies. The struggles that Caina faces keeps the reader intrigued in this roller coaster ride of a story. Both novels are fast paced and feature captivating stories with a degree of suspense that will leave you asking for more.

These well crafted stories will introduce you to a world of first-class thrillers. We can only wait to read more books from this talented writer whose stories are simply incredible. Make an informed decision to read both novels Worlds to Conquer and Child of the Ghosts novels for the most memorable experience of your life.

If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s. The guy is a master!

Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story) Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story)
Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story) Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story)
Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story) Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story)
Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story) Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story)
Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story) Ghost Omens (World of the Ghosts short story)

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