Introduction to Network Simulator NS2

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For those familiar with ns-2 a popular tool that preceded ns-3 , the most visible outward change when moving to ns-3 is the choice of scripting language. Programs in ns-2 are scripted in OTcl and results of simulations can be visualized using the Network Animator nam.

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New animators and visualizers are available and under current development. Since ns-3 generates pcap packet trace files, other utilities can be used to analyze traces as well. We will try to highlight differences between ns-2 and ns-3 as we proceed in this tutorial.

However, ns-3 has more detailed models in several popular areas of research including sophisticated LTE and WiFi models , and its support of implementation code admits a very wide spectrum of high-fidelity models. Users may be surprised to learn that the whole Linux networking stack can be encapsulated in an ns-3 node, using the Direct Code Execution DCE framework.

If in doubt, a good guideline would be to look at both simulators as well as other simulators , and in particular the models available for your research, but keep in mind that your experience may be better in using the tool that is being actively developed and maintained ns It will rely on the ongoing contributions of the community to develop new models, debug or maintain existing ones, and share results. There are a few policies that we hope will encourage people to contribute to ns-3 like they have for ns-2 :.

We realize that if you are reading this document, contributing back to the project is probably not your foremost concern at this point, but we want you to be aware that contributing is in the spirit of the project and that even the act of dropping us a note about your early experience with ns-3 e. The preferred way to submit patches is either to fork our project on GitLab.

1. What is NS2

A Discrete-Event Network Simulator. A few key points are worth noting at the onset: ns-3 is open-source, and the project strives to maintain an open environment for researchers to contribute and share their software. While some simulation platforms provide users with a single, integrated graphical user interface environment in which all tasks are carried out, ns-3 is more modular in this regard.

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  5. Several external animators and data analysis and visualization tools can be used with ns Native Windows Visual Studio is not presently supported although a developer is working on future support. The authors discuss the simulation architecture and the key components of NS2 including simulation-related objects, network objects, packet-related objects, and helper objects.

    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2

    The NS2 modules included within are nodes, links, SimpleLink objects, packets, agents, and applications. Further, the book covers three helper modules: timers, random number generators, and error models. Also included are chapters on summary of debugging, variable and packet tracing, result compilation, and examples for extending NS2. Introduction to Network Simulator NS2 can be used by researchers, professionals or graduate students studying telecommunication networks.

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    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2
    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2
    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2
    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2
    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2
    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2
    Introduction to Network Simulator NS2

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