King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)

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Until recently, this was the only known image of one of the most notorious outlaws of the Old West — Billy the Kid. Recently, another photo was confirmed to show him as a clean-cut youngster. The Kid claimed to have gunned down 21 men during his short life, although others place their estimates much lower. He himself was killed by famed lawman Pat Garrett. Source: Rafael Narbona. In recent times, his exploits were exalted further in the TV show Deadwood which features many real characters from that time and place. This was mostly thanks to his legendary exploits being recreated on stage and in dime novels.

His iconic look with the coonskin cap is still immediately recognized even today, which makes Crockett an early fashion trendsetter. Source: Tennessee Gvt. Known for her excellent marksmanship, Oakley was a sharpshooter who could have competed and maybe bested any other gunman of her time. Source: Hello Giggles. He started out as a rider for the Pony Express when he was young, then became a bison hunter and later a scout for the army.

His company grew and grew and toured all over the country before heading overseas throughout Europe. Source: Wikipedia.

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Arguably the most famous outlaw of the Old West, Jesse James and his brother Frank spent most of their lives surrounded by violence. First they were Bushwhackers during the Civil War and then ran their own gang of outlaws, robbing trains, banks and stagecoaches. He was eventually killed by a member of his own gang, Robert Ford. Source: Biografie Online. The Sundance Kid was a part of it, but so were several other notorious gunslingers including Kid Curry and the Tall Texan.

Source: Kim Macquarrie. Three great stories of the American West available for the first time in hardcover book format.

Bodybuilder targeted ex-lover in shotgun rampage

All the shootings in which he was involved were justified, but there are many who wa In this dramatic and uncanny story, Lefty Bill Ranger is an Alaskan mail carrier. Lefty Bill Ranger reaches Circle City one night in a terrific snowstorm. There he meets Menneval -- a man who is widely feared throughout the territory -- and is offere Elizabeth Cornish knew that the outlaw left behind an infant son. She told her brother Vance to find that infant and bring him to her.

Calling herself his aunt and Vance his uncle, Elizabeth Cornish raised the boy she called Terry Colby. Vance was sk Jones s uncle has given him the small-town newspaper because Jimmy s life so far has been divided into two equal halves: In the Steven Train is and has long been a thief and card sharp. He has gone by other names. He is sought out by another crook, John Ranier, with a proposal. Rainer saved a rich rancher, Patrick Comstock, from serious injury and was rewarded with an easy It was typical of Big Tim Mara, boss of a gang of border raiders, to invite Johnny Stevens to his wedding.

Big Tim was marrying the girl Johnny loved -- and Johnny would be there, with his h Alfred Larribee is sent by his father to live with his cousin's family in the West. Larribee proves to be lazy and shiftless What changes all this is the appeara When they go to work in a lumber camp, their extraordinary strength and the speed that they work leads to their being called Thunder and Lightning. Then one man, afr Notorious outlaw Lawrence Grey has been captured near El Paso. Marshal Neilan has a proposal for him. Neilan will set Grey free if he tries to locate John Ray, a man who was last known to be living in San Vicente, Mexico.

The men Neilan sent previous Sam is shot dead. Traynor is determined to bring the thief to justice, but then fate inte Winsor Glanvil pays court to Louise Carney, heiress to a fortune, and she agrees to marry him. The marriage is opposed by big Jack Rutledge, a jealous rival and formidable foe, so Glanvil and Louise plan to be married in a sequestered valley by a loc Three thrilling tales from one of the masters of frontier fiction!

An outlaw risks life and limb to return a stolen horse to its rightful owner in this classic Western thriller. Shannon, a mysterious outsider, arrived some time ago to the town of Lister and settled into a secluded valley far outside of town. During o Harry Destry was a rough-and-tumble fighter who never lost a battle.

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But after six years in jail for a robbery he didn't commit, he comes back a changed man. The townsfolk believe he's beaten. They think all the fight's gone right out of him. And tha At twenty-two, John Signal is old enough to have been in a shooting scrape.

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It was a fair fight, but the man he killed was well-connected. Fleeing Signal arrives in the mining town of Monument, calling himself John Alias. Almost immediately his hors For 22 years Silas Durfee was a Texas Ranger. Finally he quit, wanting instead to try his hand at ranching. Thomas Bunce proposes to hire Durfee as mentor and protector for his nephew, Henry Vincent, to teach him how to hunt and fish, but to prevent One of Max Brand's greatest gifts as a storyteller is his ability to create unforgettable, larger-than-life characters.

In the novella "The Black Rider," a Navajo named Taki is fluent in four languages, a skilled knife-thrower, a consummate horseman, He didn't even have a name.

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In his own words, he was a tramp. They called him "Kid," "Montana," "Mexico" or "Punch. The stallion Sedgewick is considered a man-killer, in "The Singular Horseman.

Gunman fires at a passing car in Harrow, north west London

Dyke Vincent, a young rider frustrated with all the talk about Sedgewick, sets out to The youngest of seven sons, Flash Baldwin had been a wastrel his entire life. Then he became a man on a mission. His father left him a six-shooter, a thoroughbred, and the charge to avenge his death.

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When Flash tracked down the killer, he was primed Stephen Macdona fled his home with only two possessions: his talent for survival and his prize mare, Christy. Before he can be charged with a killing he never meant to commit, he's south of the border with a new name. But it's Christy who attracts th He wrote some of his classic wester Raising their sons in accordance with disparate values, twin brothers Ross and Andy Hale experience respective financial hardships and successes because of their choices and inadvertently trigger a bitter rivalry between their sons after one is disab When the money he saved to pay off his sheep ranch is stolen by a bandit named Bill Ransome, Tom Fernald, forced to find another way to save his land and herd, sets out to find a miser's treasure, which is rumored to be buried in the area.

A master of western fiction, the author presents a trio of exciting novellas that are filled with action, adventure, and unforgettable characters who discover the gray area between right and wrong. This exciting collection of three novellas recounts the further adventures of Speedy, a devilishly charming trickster who has so many enemies he needs a new disguise every week in order to survive. When he earns Captain Slocum's respect, Don Grier gets a financial backer for his mission to find the truth surrounding the murder for which his father had been hanged, which leads him to a rough-and-tumble mining town where he must prove himself in The three short novels in this new Max Brand r trio comprise the story of John Penny Thurlow, better known as the Duster.

When the Duster arrives in the town of Christmas, he insists that he wants to go straight, to live an ordinary life. He wants t In the mining town of Slosson's Gulch, a dangerous town rife with cutthroats and thieves, Pedro Melendez, a former gunslinger, must once again employ his sharpshooting skills when a young woman asks for his help in finding her missing father.

Peter Messenger was made for trouble.

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He was specially trained in the art of death, even though he'd never killed anyone. But his skills with his hands, a gun, or a knife were undeniable.

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  4. And there was only one person he planned to use them on: Summe James Lang has dedicated his life to perfecting long-range shooting. Though he does have some impressive skills, it's more by pure luck he's taken to be a dead shot and hailed as the next Wild Bill. When one of his new friends asks James to watch ove When his partner agrees to escort a group of settlers to the Sierra Negra, John Jones must protect them from the ruthless outlaws who shadow their every move, leading him to believe that there is a traitor in their midst.

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    Peter Blue was one of the most feared gunmen in the West. But now he's holed up in a small shack, hiding from the world. For he doesn't want anyone to know about the bullet that's destroyed his right hand, his gun hand. He realizes it won't be long b Young Sammy has left the supervision of his overbearing spinster Aunt Claudia to tramp around the West with Lefty, but their footloose and fancy-free lifestyle is threatened by Jake, an incredibly dangerous hunchback.

    The three novellas collected here showcase Max Brand s outstanding ability to create living, breathing characters whose unforgettable exploits linger long after the last page is turned. Preferring napping to working, horseman, gunman, and knife-thrower Carrick Dunmore finds his lazy days behind him when his friends kidnap him and deliver him to the local rodeo where he can put his talents to good use. Anyone making a living on the rough frontier took a bit of a gamble, but no Western writer knows how to up the ante like Max Brand.

    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection) King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)
    King of the Gunmen (Western Short Stories Collection)

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