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Lyon - where to stay, what to see and do

Paris is, to her gilded fingertips, Parisienne and anyone exploring her and hoping to find France will, alas, be disappointed. I think Lyon, more than any other city in France, embodies that illusive French "art of living" — the joyful synthesis of all that makes life worthwhile: food, wine, culture, friends and family — and it's an art that the Lyonnais are very happy to share with even the most casual visitor. Yet beyond France, Lyon's reputation is largely limited to its industry and gastronomy.

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The former fuels the city's enviable lifestyle and accounts for its dubious honour of being France's largest conurbation. But the truth is that the relaxed city centre — the heart of Lyonnais art de vivre — is a lovely walkable enclave.

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Today, Lyon has a galaxy of Michelin stars and even among the bouchons , the small bistros serving outstanding value Lyonnaise cuisine, reputations are carefully nurtured. Lyon boasts some 2, restaurants and I've never found two Lyonnais who could agree on a favourite — this is a city where you really do have to try very hard indeed to find a bad meal.

But Lyon is so much more than merely commerce and cuisine. Its main, cobbled streets run parallel to the river and to provide access to the waterway, a warren of passages — traboules — were burrowed literally through the heart of the houses.

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There are more than of these traboules hidden away in Vieux-Lyon and the neighbouring districts. Exceptional museums and galleries, a dynamic cultural life, chic shopping and countless good restaurants make this area a joy. Its the perfect place for cheese lovers and even for the cheese skeptics! They are happy to help you find the perfect French cheese for your palate.

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This downtown soup bar is the perfect place to have a light lunch and experiment with great quality quenelles and other local products. We recommend the wraps! Maison Malleval: Wine, spirits, and more A treasure trove for the wine and spirits lover — Maision Malleval is packed with wines, armagnacs, and all sorts of other aged bottles that will have you strategizing your luggage limits!

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The back room has teas, mustards, oils, vinegars and more. Maison Bouillet: Chocolate, macarons, patisseries, and more Never enough chocolate and macarons! Taste and compare at Maison Bouillet, which offers a magnitude of colors and flavors in all categories.

A shop brimming with quality ingredients and a creative vision. The Macalyon is THE macaron you have to taste! Buvette Pont Bonaparte: Oysters with a view If a platter of oysters and a bottle of white wine was a central part of your French vacation fantasies, this is the place for you.

2 Days in Lyon: The Perfect Lyon Itinerary

Better than the crowds at Les Halles, order your oysters at the market and take a seat just behind their stand at the Buvette Pont Bonapart — the oyster service is lightning-fast and the waiters at the buvette will bring you a bottle of crisp white wine to go along with your briny feast. Contains: Jane Reddy. Search pagination Prev Destination page 1 Current page Destination page 2. Average temperature Average rainfall. More destinations. Previous slide Next slide.

Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide
Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide
Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide
Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide
Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide
Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide Lyon and Beyond Travel Guide

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