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Nearby words onassis , onassis, jacqueline kennedy , onbeat , onboard , onc , once , once and for all , once bitten, twice shy , once in a blue moon , once in a lifetime , once in a while.

Can I Change a Release Once It's Uploaded?

Idioms all at once , simultaneously: The children were running, screaming, and throwing things all at once. Also once for all. Examples from the Web for once Once discovered, this maneuver did not endear the councilors to their constituents. Harmonies of Political Economy Frdric Bastiat. Historic Highways of America Vol.

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But there is one image, one cultural totem, that precedes and set precedent: Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy Awards draped in a sea-green Versace dress. Lopez in that infamous green dress is the image that begat all other images. According to legend, she is the reason Google Images—that great, growing archive of visual language—was developed.

Google Image Search was born. Lopez was the template. She's the prologue.

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Some 20 years on, on the heels of a starring role in the stripper-revenge flick Hustlers , there is still a shock in seeing her. To culminate Versace's Ready to Wear runway show during Milan Fashion Week, Jennifer Lopez appeared, to the awe and enchantment of the audience, in an updated look from her original cut. What is especially endearing about Victor Virgile's photograph from last Friday's show is how it details the mechanics of engagement: We look on so that others may too look on.

We're a people greedy in our desire to recapture a moment, any moment, in an age that, propelled by the perverse compulsions of social media, overpraises the immediate, the right now—tweets, Instagram Stories, Facebook updates.

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We live in the split second. For me, the aesthetics of the image are less impressive than what the image actually says. The text is saga-like—fat with the drama and pure-cut adrenaline of life.

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  • Lopez glows and the crowd watches in anticipation. Faces are set alight. Necks careen. With a new logo and a toned-down, somewhat bland identity, Stockwell had a fresh start and, soon, more attention from top VCs.

    Bodega, once dubbed ‘America’s most hated startup,’ has quietly raised millions

    Stockwell, however, declined to confirm the figure. Rather than subject itself to continued scrutiny as it attempted to rewrite its narrative, Stockwell was heads down, iterating, expanding and quietly raising millions. Bad press can break a startup, and given the sheer number of negative reports on Stockwell so early on, the company had already defied the odds.

    Keeping a low profile was undoubtedly the best strategy moving forward, and it seems to have paid off. Stockwell has used its latest infusion of funding to explore shared ownership models, i.

    Human beings make snap judgments, evaluate products quickly and can develop distaste for brands in a matter of seconds. And first impressions are hard to change. Both positive and negative.

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    • How Bad Is It to Brush Your Teeth Only Once a Day?.
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    • Most cases of poor startup naming are easily fixed. The case of Bodega is much more extreme and, as such, serves as the ultimate lesson for founders searching for the best way to tell their story.

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