Perspective Drawing Made Simple!

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We'll start with simple one-point perspective, see what it looks like, and practice constructing simple shapes.

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The first thing you need to know is that in perspective drawing every set of parallel lines has its own vanishing point. That will make more sense in a moment. This means that the sides of a road or the sides of a door can both be thought of as pairs of parallel lines. Let's look at this picture. It shows a one-point perspective view. All of the lines that are parallel to the horizon at right-angles to the direction of our gaze such as the railway sleepers and fence posts - go straight across or straight up and down.

If they were longer, they'd keep going straight across, or straight up and down. These lines will always stay the same distance apart and never meet each other. In contrast, the lines moving away from us appear to get closer together as they get more distant.

These lines meet at a vanishing point in the middle distance of the picture. To draw one-point perspective, we arrange our view of the subject so that one set of visible lines has a vanishing point right in front of us. At the same time, the set at right-angles goes out to infinity on each side. So if it's a road, it goes straight away from us, or if it is a house, one wall goes straight across in front of us, not sloping. In reality, of course, there are always objects which won't be lined up perfectly. For now, let's keep things simple. Then we can see how it works.

Perspective Made Easy

Here's a photograph of a box on a table. Again, it shows us how one set of lines remain parallel and the other set vanishes to a point. Note that the line across the back is not the horizon line. It's the edge of the table and is lower than my eye level, and so, lower than the horizon. If we continue the lines made by the edges of the box, they meet at a point above the table and this is at eye level. Were we able to see into the distance, this vanishing point would be on the horizon. At the same time, notice how the front edges of the box are quite parallel. Note: Don't make your vanishing point as big as this example.

No funny angles or wobbly lines! For a successful perspective drawing, you need straight lines and corners that meet exactly. If needed, use a ruler to ensure your lines are perfectly straight. In perspective drawing, we call these lines orthogonal lines or orthogonals. These words derive somewhat from their meaning in mathematics because they are at right angles to the horizontal plane. The two biggest problems at this stage of the drawing are lines at angles — they must be straight — and lines that don't quite meet. If you stop short or go past the vanishing line ever so slightly, with one of the lines, you'll have trouble getting your last line straight.

If your box is close to the horizon or vanishing point, you might find that the angles are very obtuse wide and hard to get right. Let's take a look at a few more examples of one-point perspective drawings. Why not have a go at drawing some of these yourself? Several objects on a single page can look very cool. As long as your ruler is lined up correctly, you can stop drawing just short of the vanishing point.

This will make it is easy to see and the vanishing point won't get lost in a tangle of lines. To get more practice with perspective drawing , try constructing some simple boxes and making them into complete drawings.

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Drawing Perspective Made Simple

No notes for slide. Manly Banister. Dorothea Barlowe and Sy Barlowe. Norman Battershill.

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling

Available in U. Vernon Blake. Wendon Blake. Richard Bolton. George B. George Bridgman. Alexander Calder. Alison Stilweli Cameron. Rex Vicat Cole. Amor Fenn.

Perspective Made Easy: Step by Step Drawing Lessons

Gcttcns and George L. Richard G. Charles W. Edouard Lanteri. Ruth Leal. Mineola, New York 6. Bibliographical Note This Dover edition, first published in Ernest Ralph , b. Perspective made easy I Ernest R. Originally published: New York : Macmillan, ISBN pbk. Mineola, N. It is the purpose of this book to make these laws clear.

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We live in a world of square comers; our streets, buildings, furniture, all are designed with a square. This fact has made perspective drawing quite simple. When we have learned to draw the humble brick we have learned practical perspective. This book explains perspective step by step, depend- ing on illustrations to carry the sequence. Some steps are repeated, but deliberately so, to emphasize their im- portance.

A six-foot man in a crowd sees hats and hair, faces and shoulders. A four-foot child beside him sees hands, gloves, purses, and coat- tails. They are both seeing the same people at the same vn 9. How different are their two visual worlds! Our height above the ground is an important factor when we sketch the world about us.

The eye-level is really the key to perspective drawing. The knowledge of perspective should be used as a guide to drawing and not as a device to harden into stili mechanics what might have been a beautiful loosely handled sketch. We build a strong scaffolding for the construction of our bridge; later we discard the scaiIold- ing and keep only the graceful span. Hall Jflal J.

In so doing the artist em- ploys a method that we call perspective. This is called a plan.

Perspective Drawing Made Simple!
Perspective Drawing Made Simple!
Perspective Drawing Made Simple!
Perspective Drawing Made Simple!
Perspective Drawing Made Simple!

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