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In the summer of , Russia invaded neighboring Georgia. Ostensibly, they were supporting South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two Russian-leaning Georgian enclaves with long-held dreams of independence. Effectively, Russia had invaded a sovereign state. For years, government officials had been issuing Russian passports to Abkhazians and South Ossetians; now Russian forces had advanced deep into Georgian territory.

This was the real deal, the Dugin-encouraged expansionist destiny. Russia once again had its guns cocked. Dugin shined. Photos of him in South Ossetia circled. He stood in front of a tank, an AK in his hands. We all understand the organisers are acting according to a well-known scenario and in their own mercenary political interests.

We must remember that we are Russian! That for thousands of years we protected our freedom and independence. We have spilled seas of blood, our own and other peoples, to make Russia great. And Russia will be great! Otherwise it will not exist at all.

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Russia is everything! All else is nothing! Internally, Putin answered the snow revolution with a crackdown. Externally, he answered with a show of force. Crimea was a quasi-independent entity of Ukraine with a prominent ethnically Russian population. In the eyes of the international community, it was a brazenly illegal act. Once again, Russia was practicing expansionism. Dugin was overjoyed. He had been pushing for a Crimean takeover since the nineties. He believed that it was just the beginning. Russia should go further and co-opt Eastern Ukraine the traditionally Russian-speaking half of the country as well.

But for now, it augured great things. He saw it as a bolstering of the Russian sphere of influence.

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Eternal Rome was again strengthening itself. Sign up. These are the deep roots of our patriotism. This is where mass heroism comes from in war. Dugin did not talk to Gessen for her book. I assume that he felt comfortable he would dominate the interaction. I believe in angels.

Are There Any Rasputins Left?

I believe in God. I believe in Revelation. And for me, the existence of angels, as well as the existence of ideas, is the fact of experience — not only narrative. As Dugin sees it, he has stayed put, espousing these ideas that were given to him by the Lord.


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I put myself in the center of the world by precisely liberating myself from the individual. It is some other in myself that is the center. Are you following? He is at the center because his truth is the true truth. But he is also opposite the mainstream. He stands, alone, against a great force. A kind of social mechanics. Using the term of Carl Gustav Jung, I transform these peoples from the sleeping mode to the waking mode. From the drunken mode to the sober mode.

How was Russian mystic Rasputin murdered? - BBC News

My influence is very special. I would say, a revolutionary kind. That is why I am called, by some American figures, the most dangerous man in the world. I would gladly accept that as labeled. I hope that it is true. His power and influence, he says, are of a slippery kind. Because Michael Jackson, or pop music as a whole, exists in the mainstream — inside the traditional flow of information. I try to find the backdoors of the program of globalization in order to make it explode. I am the most Russian man that we could imagine. I am Russia spirit. I am Russia!

The fingers and palms move in synchronicity and also alone, every single one on a mission. He interlocks and breaks apart and throws out his hands and brings them back together. Some of the moves he repeats. Some come just once. His is a kind of intimate, anti-charisma. As in so many other situations, pure, unadulterated bluster is carrying the day for Dugin. Man is an entity that always can choose.

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It can say yes to globalization and to this artificial intelligence, to the so-called progress, to the individualization — yes to the global agenda. We need to liberate everybody. We need a global revolution.

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  • And I am conscious that I am fulfilling this role. Is it correct? Are they some kind of analogs? Absolutely, to be a kind of revolutionary — not from the right or the left, but a revolutionary against this world. I am a philosopher, trying to transmit through art, special art, my historical mission in front of Russian people. American society is much more based on public relations. If something works, it is already accepted. Technical efficacy is much more appreciated than, for example, ideological coherence or truthfulness. In the political public relations, the propaganda is a means to trick people.

    I am not using ideology. I am used by ideology. Dugin is skeptical that Bannon ever had the mandate to be a true, pure ideologue. He recalls Trump once, way back on the campaign trail, skewering Bannon for reading too much. If you understand the weight of ideas, this accusation is a proof of some limited mind. Arguing his point, Dugin falls into a minor reverie. The real richness, the real treasury of human wisdom amassed is infinite. The only blame should be, you are reading not enough.

    Everybody of us should read more. More and more! The sheer grandiosity of his speech is calculated to overwhelm. I know it all , he insists again and again, until the listener either accepts him as ridiculous or sublime. Intentionally or otherwise, Dugin has been able to cloak himself in dark mystery.

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    Perhaps Dugin would prefer an example closer to home, then — Grigori Rasputin? The figure of Rasputin is misunderstood. He had influence over our tsar, personal influence. He was against the modernization and Westernization. He was in favor of Russian people instead of the corrupted Russian elite.

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