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This walk complements another from Great Bentley , which also appears in the book 'Footpaths of Britain'. Access: The best way to get there is by train. However, there is also free parking at the station and Great Bentley can be found south of the A Colchester - Clacton.

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Log in Sign Up. Leave a Review Walkingworld Ltd. Price: credits Get this route. Early in the piece, Shaw takes Tara the daughter for an evening of poker and drinking with feisty granma Nell, who lives around the corner. A good night was had by all.

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  8. Ok, so no Shaw and no Romeo. What does Patsy the mother do? Helppppp meeeeeeee. My goodness, the family even went fishing with Shaw?! I disliked the odious characters and implausibility of the plot. Way over the top. View all 8 comments. I greatly disliked this book. I simply couldn't figure out why the Boatwright family went along willingly with the bullshit from the two low lifes holding them hostage. There were many, many opportunities for them to get away yet they took none of them. I think this may have been written by George Dawes offa Shooting Stars.

    A man in a babysuit having a go at fiction. I admit, I was seduced by the cover of this book in the library. It was there on a shelf, complete with text from various newspaper reviews, "Loved by reading groups across the land" and a great big sticker that said "I could have my money back if I didn't love it Suspicioulsy, there was no detail on what the story was about or about the author.

    So I plod on Hitting the town at the same time are a couple of IT consultants that are escaping the rat race - hoping to live off a fishing boat. There hear about the win in a garage and then, over the course of the book, turn into kidnappers, psychopaths and assasains. Add to that a quasi religous feeling, a traffic cop who has a hunch that all is not right but his superiors won't believe him and the fact that the family seem to be completely compliant in the kidnapping and extortion - you have one very, very weak book. Now I didnt love it and can't really ask for my money back from the library - but be very careful how you invest your time.

    You won't get that back. View 1 comment. Sep 14, rachel rated it did not like it Shelves: of-the-south-or-its-environs , criminals-or-tremendous-creepers , This is one of those "I've read pages of this 'thriller' and I genuinely do not care what happens to any of these dumb people [except maybe the Golden Girl grandma]" type of reads. I was originally going to give it two stars under the grounds that it's inoffensive, but that's not really true, because hey let's not contribute to the stereotype of the slow 'n' stupid religious, drunkard South, mmkay?

    No character in this book -- from the Boatwrights, who let themselves be extorted by a man who This is one of those "I've read pages of this 'thriller' and I genuinely do not care what happens to any of these dumb people [except maybe the Golden Girl grandma]" type of reads. No character in this book -- from the Boatwrights, who let themselves be extorted by a man who falls asleep on his kidnapper watch, to the extorter's "muscle" partner, whose sole motivation for theoretically killing a bunch of folks is wanting his selfish friend to have like million dollars-- resembles a real, cognizant, aware human.

    They are just breathing plot points. No one cares what happens to fictional dummies, I'm sorry! Jun 23, Jennifer Defoy rated it really liked it Shelves: owned , reads , early-bird-blog-tour. This one was a page turner. I was so hooked right from the word go with this one. The story was narrated by a few different characters.

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    It jumped back and forth, but it didn't seem choppy. The story just goes on, but from a different perspective. It wasn't like it would switch to a new character and rehash what the last character just told us. The writing was good. There was only one thing that bothered me, when a character is talking the author would use Said Shaw instead of Shaw Said.

    But that This one was a page turner. But that was really the only thing I didn't like. I liked the beginning, it gave us enough info about the characters to pull me into the story, without giving so much detail that it became mundane. It follows the Boatwright family and then friends Shaw and Romeo.

    The Boatwrights win the lottery and that's when Shaw and Romeo really enter the picture. The suspense in this novel doesn't come from not knowing what's going on. Quite the opposite, we know what's going on right from the word go. The suspense comes from hoping that someone will slip and everyone else will know what is going on. I would say it's more psychological that physical suspense. The ending threw me for a loop.

    Raven paradox

    And while the last passage confused me a little it still was a great ending. Overall good writing and a great story. Mar 19, Becky rated it liked it. Nov 03, Roybot rated it it was ok.

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    I wanted very much to like Ravens. The set-up was certainly solid enough; two aimless twenty-something losers terrorize a family who recently won a mega-million dollar jackpot in order to extort half the winnings. Yes, let's do this! My expectations were for something akin to Funny Games , perhaps.

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    The dust jacket promised that this was "frightening, comic, and suspenseful", so I cracked it open and waited for the thrills to start. And I waited. And waited. There were just too m I wanted very much to like Ravens. There were just too many major problems with this one for me to ever really get into it. Let's start with the characters.

    Raven paradox - Wikipedia

    Alcoholic mother spending too much on gin and lottery tickets. Too cool daughter just struggling to keep her head down, avoid her family, and get out of dodge. Spoiled younger brother. Pious father who is too much of a pushover to stand up to anyone. We've seen this a million times. This is not an interesting or new. Tara is the only remotely likable member of the main cast, and even she is only really likable in contrast to the completely unpleasant ensemble.

    Nell, the grandmother, is okay, but, again, the wacky, outrageous grandmother trope isn't particularly new or interesting. I hesitate to even get started on Romeo and Shaw. The nature of the friendship is bizarre and unbelievable, and their "plan" is so patently absurd that I was expecting to unravel literally as soon as they put it into action. Instead, I'm expected to believe that this farce could continue for over a week? So, let's talk about the plot, then. And yet, in all that time, none of them think to call the police?

    None of them try to contact help? And, really, Romeo mentions to at least two or three people that he's planning to commit murders, but none of these people think to call the police? And why is Romeo so willing to murder? Because his stupid, creepo friend says "Hey, I've got this great plan. I just need you to act like a total psycho and maybe kill a bunch of people, but that's it.

    Meanwhile, Shaw makes pretty much no effort to protect himself, either. He lets the family stay in separate rooms, doesn't restrain them, and falls asleep six feet away from one of his hostages. The family literally offers him no actual resistance the entire time they're held captive, except to occasionally talk about possibly fighting back or calling for help. The third day in. And should we talk about the fact that apparently Shaw is just so personable that both the daughter and mother are having elaborate sexual fantasies about their captor?

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